5 k Colourfully Done !!

I set out to do this I said … No runs ! I’m too old, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

So you can imagine my joy, when not one but three ! runs were added to list and with how much enthusiasm I dragged myself out of bed very early on a Saturday morning; After not much training and way to many camp fire late nights at the fabulous Nantcol waterfalls, to not only face 5 k but to have powder paint thrown at me the whole way.

How wrong could I have been !!

They call it the happiest 5 k on the planet and it certainly is.

From the minute we boarded the train, the team were in high spirits and we set to work getting colourful



The selfie opportunities alone were worth the early start


As we joined the masses at the start we were wondering what we had let ourselves in for and we soon found out …. a laughter filled few hrs.

We ran, jogged, walked and danced our way around the NEC, getting more and more colourful with each step.

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Oh and the views wasn’t bad at times either 😉


We genuinely had a ball and I could not have asked for a better team to complete my first 5k with. Having been there from the very beginning, all 6 have been there through thick and thin of the of the first 5 years of Empathy. I wouldn’t have done Colour Run without them and I couldn’t have moved Empathy forward without them.

Each in their own way experience life with ASD first hand and each are some of the most brave and resilient people I know.

The Originals definitely tasted the Rainbow and did Empathy proud. Whilst they raised most of their sponsorship offline, their page is still live .. so go on give them a click and your support.