“Wheely” Good Fun.

Whilst the post have been few and far between ( sorry ), the challenges have continued and waaaay !! back in sunny July, I revisited my childhood and got on my bike.

As it seems is the case with “12 Months of Madness”, I didn’t got it alone. Not only was I joined by Empathy member Claire Barkley and a host of Empathy children but also some members of  the “Bike with Claire” and their families.

After a few car park location issues, we were ready for the off and so around 30 of us set off, with varying levels of skills and speed … guess who was bring up the rear :/ but soon even I got into the swing of it and really enjoy the ride.

The children had a fabulous time and even had energy left to rough up our playleaders at the finish line

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The views were stunning and the company fabulous and even though 4 yrs olds were over taking me, I resolved we must do this more often. I even bought a bike !! although I think I might need to get in some practice before I can return the favour and join Claire on a leg of her Lands End to John O Grotes trip that she is undertaking for us next year.

The challenges continue, as does the fundraising page.

If you would like to sponsor Claire on her rather more significant ride next year, you will find details here.

Thank You all for your continued support X