UNLEASHED #gainingindependance

At last we are ready to go live !! with our newest project – Unleashed; which gives those with additional needs in school years 6 and above the opportunity not only to have some fabulous fun but also gain some new life skills by taking those first steps towards independence and separating from their carers and family.

The programme offers a minimum of 6 sessions; 3 at one of our family friendship groups where the young people and their families engage with wide range of sports and activities on offer and build a relationship with our playleaders. These sessions are unlimited and you can attend as many as it needs for your young person and your family to feel comfortable about moving on to the Unleashed Holiday Programme

When everyone is ready, you can choose 3 holiday sessions from our programme ( if more sessions become available you will be offered them, after the successful completion of the first three ) We have developed a programme with three local and experienced providers who will deliver the activity days, leaving our playleaders free to support the young people. Group sizes will be a max of 12 young people and they will be supported 1:2 at all times.

You will be required to complete a Passport to indepenance  which will travel with your young person at all times and be shared with the activity providers to ensure that everyone is prepared and understands your young persons needs.

You can find the holiday Unleashed programme Summer 17 , more dates and details will be added as we have them.  We will need you to choose your first and second choice of dates and add them to the form below along with your young persons details. We will then be in touch with more details and information.

Transport will be provided from your local family friendship group centre.

Please register your young person for Unleashed using the short form above.

Find the Summer Unleashed Tickets here

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