Social Sibs

Social Sibs offers monthly, term time support for siblings across the county ! Theses monthly sessions available to offer support to any Sib of a child or young person with additional needs.

So what can your Sib expect ?

These sessions belong to the Sibs, they will decide the content and how they want to look as the sessions develop. Each session will be multi activity with the focus on Fun ! with some very light touch opportunities for the Sibs to talk about the issues they all face.

With that in mind both Ant and Sam have attended the Sibs training programme and we will be using the Sibs advice and resources as a guide for the sessions.

To get the Sibs started we have introduced some structure to the sessions, it will be up to the individual how much they choose to engage with. The basic structure of the sessions looks like this;

Arrive –    Make or find your name badge. Hang out your dirty Laundry  !

15 mins –      Start Game

30 mins –     Snack

45 mins –      Activities start Discussion Game / sport / craft / play

1.45 mins – Air the Dirty laundry

End Game

2 hrs – Parents Collect

The talking work we do is very light touch and led by the siblings. We look at the good, the bad and the ugly of being a sib. Each session is given a theme and the focus is very much on the sib not their special brother or sister.

Example Session Themes

Being  A Sib – What it means to them to be a sib; what is the same, what is different

All About Me –  A chance to focus on themselves; their dreams and aspirations and their  feeling about being a sib

All About Them – We explore some of the challenges their siblings face and hopefully build a greater understanding of some of the reasons behind their siblings behaviour. Also the positives of being a sibs

HELP !! – What can I do, where can I go when things are just too much

Our Story ! – Shout it to the world: the good the bad and the ugly of being a sib. We will look to use a variety of mediums.

Recap, Revisit, Review; with a special treat if we have budget !

Sadly we cannot provide Sibs for free at the moment. Because life is busy and we want every Sib to access the support they need, when they need  it. We have developed a 12 month subscription scheme, so we ask you to register your Sib and attend your first free taster session. Thereafter we ask you to buy a 12 session ticket, this entitles your Sib to 12 term time sessions at any of our monthly social Sibs sessions. Additional holiday activities will be added and will need a separate ticket and booking form.


For more details, as always, please feel free to get in touch.

Please register your Sib here before they attend please.

Once registered you can book your sib on to sessions and pay via the Book On Line Page here