Our members say

Our members are encouraged to use this page to share their experiences of their special children and what Empathy means to them.

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3 thoughts on “Our members say

  1. Just booked us on to lots of fab family Empathy outings in the summer holidays, can’t wait for the summer now 🙂

  2. Fantastic – seeing children plating together, sharing fun and conversation, so refreshing and inspiring! Value having the time to chat with other parents, confident that my children are able to enjoy their time with the playleaders, making friends and being accepted for who they are. One of my daughters now has the opportunity to be a young trustee which is great for her self esteem too!

  3. What a week … Little Walks, Adventures, Camp fires, Rounders, Ten Pin Bowling and some lycra clad middle aged men 😉 Good times with good friends and team to be proud of.

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