What happens at a Family Friendship Group

We hire out our buildings exclusively and the doors are locked throughout the session. Each session follows the same timetable.

On arrival
You will be met on the door by a member of the parent team who will sign you in and help you choose a coloured sticker to reflect how you are feeling. You’ll be given a tour and introduced to one of the play leaders.


Supported free play
Your family can choose to access the delivered sport (ie. Football, dodgeball, and cricket) the available racket sport or the free play sporting equipment. If sport isn’t your thing then play opportunities are always available through Lego, speed stackers, board games etc, as is a creative activity or if you just need to jump around there is equipment available for that too.

The children are encouraged to come together and enjoy a drink and snack, usually of cake and fruit.

Taster or lead session
This is the chance for a cup of tea and a break for parents whilst the play leaders take care of the children for either a game led by them or a taster session from a local club or activity. Past visitors have included junior rugby, golf and a samba band.


Together time
Everyone comes back together for a group game like dragon treasure, duck, duck goose and circle time and reflection before saying goodbye.


Quiet space
At each session we have a designated quiet space (usually a tent) and no one is expected to join with anything is they can’t. If you need to integrate gradually 10 minutes at a time that’s fine by us and likewise you are free to leave the sessions at any time you want.

If you’d prefer to talk to someone please phone Sam on 07495947987

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