Help Empathy by voting in the Mars Milk Play Fund

Every month Mars will be donating cash awards to clubs in need of extra funding. Please vote for Empathy and help get us to the top of the monthly leader board and win a £1,000 cash award.

An award of £1000 would mean a lot to Empathy:

  • £1000 pays venue hire for 10 friendship groups
  • £1000 pays staff costs for 10 groups
  • £1000 could equip the new central group

A Pie in the Eye

Inspired by the success of recent social media campaigns, some mums in the USA started a new challenge to slap A Pie In The Eye Of Autism. Empathy families have never been slow to take up a challenge and here’s the evidence – more photos can be seen in the Pie in the Eye Gallery. You can take up the challenge and donate to Empathy online.

Wet, windy and a lot of fun!

Thank you to the wonderful families who took part in the BLUEmin’ Long Walk on Sunday 6 April to raise awareness of autism and much needed funds for Empathy.

While counting up the sponsor money we were surprised to receive an anonymous contribution to our funds in the post. Thank you to our very kind supporter for the donation through the Charities Aid Foundation.